News release – Recycling and Refuse collections will change over Christmas

Christmas and New Year celebrations will alter your refuse and recycling collections this year – don’t get caught out!
The festive season sees a change in days of the grey bin, blue-lidded bin and green bin collections following Christmas Day and Boxing Day until 18 January (listed in your refuse and recycling leaflet delivered in March 2009 with Council Tax bills or visit

Contact: Chris Dobson, Waste and Recycling Officer on 01789 260885

Day of Collection

Monday 21 December – Stays the same

Tuesday 22 December – Stays the same

Wednesday 23 December – Stays the same

Thursday 24 December – Stays the same

Friday 25 December collected: Tuesday 29 December

Monday 28 December collected: Wednesday 30 December

Tuesday 29 December collected: Thursday 31 December

Wednesday 30 December collected: Saturday 2 January

Thursday 31 December collected: Monday 4 January

Friday 1 January collected: Tuesday 5 January

Monday 4 January collected: Wednesday 6 January

Tuesday 5 January collected: Thursday 7 January

Wednesday 6 January collected: Friday 8 January

Thursday 7 January collected: Saturday 9 January

Friday 8 January collected: Monday 11 January

Monday 11 January collected: Tuesday 12 January

Tuesday 12 January collected: Wednesday 13 January

Wednesday 13 January collected: Thursday 14 January

Thursday 14 January collected: Friday 15 January

Friday 15 January collected: Saturday 16 January

The week commencing Monday 18 January collections will return to normal.
For more information, please contact the Refuse and Recycling helpline on: 01789 260925 or visit

And remember since December you can now recycle more in your recycling bin. If you find that your blue-lidded bin is full you may put out additional recycling in a box next to your bin.

Also with all the extra food and Christmas leftovers remember this can also be put in your green bin for composting as an alternative to putting it in your grey bin, allowing you a weekly collection of kitchen waste. This can be wrapped in newspaper but not in a plastic bag.

Christmas tree recycling

Christmas Trees can be put in your green bin for collection. They should be cut up if necessary so that they fit in the bin with the lid closed. They can also be taken to the Warwickshire County Council Household Waste Recycling Centres in the District at Burton Farm, Wellesbourne, Shipston-on-Stour and Stockton. You can also use the County Council’s woodchipping service to shred them.

Christmas Cards can be recycled in your blue-lidded wheelie bin or taken to most supermarkets or recycling centres. The Woodland Trust is holding a Christmas Card recycling scheme at WHSmith and Marks and Spencers for more information visit

Prepare for Christmas:

Switch to LED Christmas lights. Using these rather than traditional Christmas lights will cost you six times less to run.
Choose gifts with minimal packaging to reduce waste.
Save and reuse wrapping where possible. Sealing presents with string or ribbon makes it easier to reuse or use recycled paper, children’s drawings, paintings or even glossy magazine paper.
Use Christmas cards made from recycled paper or send e-cards
Use old Christmas card as present labels
Take reusable bags with you when shopping – some supermarkets reward you for reusing bags.
Use a shopping list to ensure you only purchase what you will need for the festive season.
Visit the Love Food Hate website at for help with portion sizing for Christmas Dinner and tasty tips for using leftovers.

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