Mrs Annette Lesley Baker

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I do hope you don’t mind me writing to you but I’m endeavouring to do my family tree and find my Mum (Mrs Annette Lesley Baker)used to live in Grey Goose Cottage with my elder brother & sister. In fact my sister was born in Little Compton Jan 11th 1941. We are led to believe that Mum taught at Chastelton House but I can find no record of it ever being a school, so I was wondering if anyone in the area has any knowledge of this and whether the cottage was part of the estate. My mother and her sisters are no longer with us and my sister died last year, so my brothers & I are stuck with who to ask for more information, so would appreciate any help you can give us.

Kind regards

Kate Carr Cumbria

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  • admin is a link to a local school that could be of interest to your research.

    Also the Old School B&B may have some historical information for you.

    I hope it helps.

  • George Jordan

    I was born and brought up in Little Compton, I thinkGrey Goose Cottage is in Chastleton Parish. Chastleton School closed in 1936/37 then the children came to Little Compton. Was your mother evacuated during the war? I have a friend that may remember the name Baker as his family kept the village shop. It will take a day or two to get in touch with him. Our phone number is 01926 811302.