Little Compton Parish Council Election

This is one of the few contested Parish elections in Warwickshire and it shows the commitment and enthusiasm we have in our Parish. Please show your enthusiasm and turn out to vote for your preferred candidate/s.Please talk to neighbours and friends who may not access this website and encourage them to vote also.

This is the opportunity for you to vote for responsible and diligent Councillors who will work best for the benefit of the village.

All electors should have received their official Poll Card for the Parish Council Elections on Thursday, 27th May. The Polling Station is the Village Hall which will be open for voting from 7.00a.m. until 10.00p.m.

There are five Councillors on Little Compton Parish Council. You will have five votes. However, you do not have to use all five votes. If there are only four (or one or two or three) candidates you wish to support, then you can just vote for those four (or one or two or three).

The procedure for the election is the same as that for the Parliamentary Election – your vote is secret – no-one will know how you vote. At 10.00 p.m. the ballot box will be sealed and taken to Stratford District Council for the ballot papers to be counted.

The Candidates standing for election are:

  • Wayne Ashford
  • Peter Brandreth
  • David Cox
  • Matthew Gillett
  • Louise Moorman
  • Jenny Rudge.

If you will be away at the time of the election, details of how you can obtain a postal or proxy vote are on the back of your Poll Card. Please note the dates when applications for these must reach the District Council and allow time for the relevant forms to reach you and for you to complete and return them.

Your vote is very important. You are voting for Councillors who will be making decisions concerning the village on your behalf.

A. Villager

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