Agenda for 15-12-2010

Little Compton Parish Council Meeting to be held at the Village Hall

Wednesday 15 December 2010 at 7.00 pm


1.    Declarations of Interest

2.    Apologies for absence

3.    Signing of Declaration of Office by Chairman

4.    Resolution to postpone the adoption of the minutes of the meeting held on 22 November 2010 and the matters arising thereof until the next meeting

5.    Accounts 2010

6.    Half Year Accounts 2010/11

Expenditure to date

Projected expenditure to 31st March 2011

7.    Precept 2011/12
Advance warning of budget 2011/12

8.    Appointment of \Internal Auditor

9.    Payments

10    Update on the vacancy on the Council following the resignation of Matthew Gillett.

11.    Other Business that, in the Chairman’s opinion should not be postponed to the next meeting.

Date of next meeting Monday 17 January 2011, 7 pm

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