Minutes - 15 March 2010

Present: Cllrs Brandreth, Cox, Gillett and Moorman

Warwickshire CC Cllr Saint, Stratford DC Cllr Gray

Parish Clerk Susan Cox, and 20 members of the public.

1. Declarations of Interest – Cllr Brandreth declared an interest in Agenda Item 9.

2 Apologies for absence received from Cllr Richard Gorst.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 25 January 2010 were agreed to be a correct record.
4. Matters Arising from the minutes

1. Parish notice board – no progress so far.

2. State of road/overhanging shrubbery – the laurels at Washbrook House have been cut lower and other concerns have been addressed.

3. Grit Bins – It was reported that 3 extra bins have been received, to be sited opposite Post Office Row, by the footpath opposite Pool Close and at Redlands Corner.
5. Date of next meeting – Monday 17 May – Accounts approval. This will be subject to the date of the Parish elections.

6. Reports from County Cllr Saint and District Cllr Gray

Councillor Saint reported that the precept had been set with an increase of only 2%, though the budget had seen an increase of 3%. Some money had to be diverted for highways repairs due to the bad winter weather. He hoped that when the gritting routes were being planned for winter 2010/11, there would be some provision for keeping our village access gritted. The ever increasing cost of adult social care is met from County Council funds, which sometimes makes it difficult to deal with other concerns. The uncertainty over the General Election is making current decisions very hard. Budgets have been allocated for works at Redlands Corner and the A44.

The pipe crossing work on the A44 should be dealt with by the end of March.
Councillor Gray reported that the District precept has only increased by 1.5%, though the Council is actively seeking cost cutting such as sharing Management Teams. The District Council staff has shrunk from 350 down to 305. Both the General and District Council elections take place on 6th May. The Core Strategy, the District Council Planning Consultation Paper, has been published.

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7. Questions and comments from the public

Mr. Evans suggested that a record be kept of the work carried out by utility companies, and that subsequent poor surface reinstatement be reported. Cllr Saint agreed that any such matters be referred to Jeff Morris who is able to take action. The Chairman reported that the area at the end of Willow End has been looked at by the Highways Team. Cllr Saint replied to Mrs. Fitch that there is a standard of repair work. Companies are currently being invited to tender for highways work; the current contract with Carillion is coming to an end. There are a number of companies wishing to quote for the contract.

Mrs. Rudge asked if something could be done about the fallen tree and subsequent damage at the lay by on the A44. The Clerk replied that she had spoken with the Highways Department who has it on their list. Mrs. Rudge also reminded Councillors that the grid at Malthouse Lane culvert had not been put back.

Mr. Evans asked if there were any plans to tidy up the existing entrance to the cemetery. The Chairman agreed to look at this and see if any funds are available.

Mr. McLean asked if the Council had rescinded the rule that burial of non-villagers should not take place due to lack of space. The Chairman replied that now the new cemetery is open, the relaxing of this rule should be considered.

Mr. Martin asked if there were any contingency plans for re-oiling the benches in the cemetery. This work will be added to the tidy the village day.

Mr. Evans asked if there was any provision for a drainage ditch when the hedge is removed in the cemetery. The Chairman replied that a more beneficial outcome would be achieved by ditching along the top edge alongside Mr. Reed’s field.

8. Election of Parish Councillors – The Clerk reported that nomination papers should reach Stratford District Council by Thursday 8 April 2010. Papers were distributed to existing Parish Councillors and spares were available for any other interested parties.

9. Cemetery

Tenders received for hedge removal etc works were discussed. Cllr Brandreth left the meeting as he had tendered for the works. Digging of the ditch above the cemetery had not been included on the tender. Cllr Brandreth had offered to do any other tidying work whilst a digger was on site if he was awarded the tender, including this proposed ditch and the verge at the end of Willow End.

Cllr Cox proposed that Peter Brandreth be awarded the contract, seconded by Cllr Gillett. Cllr Brandreth was asked to keep a record of the extra work he undertakes in this respect so that villagers could see what is achieved for the contract price, which was greater than that of other tenders.
Tenders received for grass cutting & maintenance were discussed. Four tenders had been received, including the firm which had done the work

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for some years. Cllr Cox reported that this work is not carried out satisfactorily. It was agreed to award the contract to Philip Cook of Solihull, proposed Cllr Gillett, and seconded Cllr Moorman.

10. Flooding Prevention/Road Repairs

The Chairman reported that he was still dissatisfied with the works at Redlands Corner. The finished product at the current time would still be susceptible to flooding. It was agreed to request a further site meeting with Highways Department. Cllr Saint agreed to take this matter up with the Contract Department at Warwickshire Highways.

The Clerk reported that Highways Department has been contacted regarding the fallen trees in the lay-by, kerbing and verge at Barton Lane and laurels at Red Lodge.
11. Social Housing

A presentation was held by the Warwickshire Rural Housing Department on Thursday 4 March.

The report received from Phil Ward on possible Little Compton sites had been circulated to Councillors. Most of the sites looked at were unsuitable. The Clerk will contact Phil Ward to ascertain the next step.

12. Playground report – Cllr Richard Gorst was absent from the meeting.

13. Approval of expenditure *Paid

Ch 100564 Gentech (for salt bins) £ 401.85* 100565 Pipex (Broadband) £ 22.91*

100566 Clerk Salary, Jan – March 2010 £ 341.13

100567 Annual Office Expenses £ 75.00

100568 GenMed – Dog Fouling signs £ 23.52

Above proposed Cllr Gillett, seconded Cllr Moorman.

14 Correspondence *previously circulated

A Core Strategy Meeting will be held on 8th April.
A letter had been received from the Parish Clerk, Long Compton Parish Council regarding proposed illustrated street map sign to be placed prominently in the village. Funding may be available if several villages join together. Discussion took place and it was agreed to reply and show our interest

15. Planning Applications

Change of use of proposed barn from home produced plant sales

to retail sales consisting of animal feed, natural herbal and

organic products, animals, pets and home grown plants

Browns Barn, Compton Lane Nurseries -No objections

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15. Other Business

The next meeting of WALC Stratford Area South will be held at Elizabeth House, Wednesday 17 March 2010 at 6.30 pm.

Guest Speaker Cllr George Atkinson, Portfolio Holder for Planning.
Cllr Cox reported that he had a small stock of Floodsacks, lightweight reusable sandbags at a cost of £30. Further stocks will include VAT.
The Clerk reported that she had written to Mr. Peter Green, Reed Business School, regarding the damage to the memorial bench for Daisy Coleman and the subsequent insurance payment of £61. A reply is awaited.

The Chairman asked Mr. Evans to obtain some grass seed for Jordans Orchard. Mr. Hall had offered to sow this.

Tidy the Village Day will be Sunday 23rd May. Meet at the Village Hall at 10 am.

Mr. Martin asked for some more sand to be sited at Redlands Farm. The Clerk will organize this.

Mr. Evans reported that the floods of 2008 caused the verge opposite his house to fall away into the ditch. Highways Department has been informed and will be reminded.
The meeting closed at 8.40 pm