Minutes 19 July 2010

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Minutes of the Meeting of Little Compton Parish Council Meeting held on

Monday 19 July 2010 at 7.00 pm

Present: Cllrs Gillett, Moorman, Ashford, Brandreth and Rudge.

Parish Clerk Susan Cox, Stratford District Councillor Gray, Warwickshire Cllr Saint and 15

members of the public.

A presentation on Social/Affordable Housing was given by Phil Ward, Rural Housing Enabler

and Neil Gilliver, Warwickshire Rural Housing Association. Questions from villagers and

Councillors were taken.

1. Declarations of Interest – there were none

2. Apologies for absence – there were none

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2010.

The following amendments to the minutes were made:

Item 3 …proposed Cllr Brandreth, seconded Cllr Moorman

Item 9 Stephen Gray had been elected as Leader of Stratford District Council.

Item 12 (sentence 2) …..along the path where the hedge had been removed.

Item 15 alter cheque numbers to read 615 – Cook landscaping, 616 Pipex, 617


4. Matters Arising from the minutes

7.1 Parish Noticeboard Cllr Brandreth reported that the wooden surround needs

re-varnishing, not oiling. He had been trying to obtain cork tiles for the backing but

these are no longer available. He suggested buying some inexpensive cork notice

boards, dismantling, and using these to make a new backing surface. This was agreed.

7.5 Gritting village road 2010/11 – The Clerk had written to Warwickshire CC

requesting village gritting.

7.8 Sand store at Redlands Farm – The Clerk had asked Cllr Brandreth to order the

sand. He is liaising with Mr Hawes as to where it should be delivered.

Cllr Rudge mentioned that the culvert under Malthouse Lane had been replaced by Cllr


Cllr Rudge reported that the Such family had agreed to re-oil the cemetery benches.

It was agreed that Cllr Rudge should purchase Danish Oil for this purpose.

The Clerk had still to contact the planning department regarding the flag outside

Juxon Bungalows.

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5. Date of next Meeting – Monday 20 September 2010

6. Reports from District Cllr Gray and County Cllr Saint

Cllr Gray reported that there were two main issues affecting the District Council which

were being driven from the coalition government. The first was up to a 40% cut in the

rate support grant which would be affecting salaries and contracts until the new

budget is set in February. The other main point is planning where the Government is

changing the ways of doing things such as the Regional Spatial Strategy which dictates

the number of houses the District needs to build. They are leaving decisions much

more up to the Councils as to how and where they build within parameters.

The District is now 5

swimming for over 60s is to end at the end of July.

Cllr Saint reported that savings of approximately 20% will need to be made in the

County. The County Council has a lot of spare office space so Cllr Saint has suggested

some office blocks are closed. He is now Chair of the Warwickshire Overview and

Scrutiny Board – an overarching body which analyses policy and operational matters.

Cllr Saint is concerned about the A44 culvert and the lack of progress. He will contact

the team at Warwickshire to find out more.

The County Council will be becoming involved in economic development and planning.

The previous government abolished the Regional Assemblies and this will be replaced

by a Regional Development Agency, although the current government wishes to do

away with the RDAs. Local areas such as a collection of towns or counties will now set

up a Local Enterprise Partnership and these bodies will now look at local planning

issues which would have been dealt with by the regional bodies. Although most of our

planning decisions are decided by Stratford District Council, the policies they have to

follow are set at all levels, including the government. Some small plots of land could

be developed privately under current government promises, not yet policy. If central

government change a policy, this has a knock on effect down to County and District

policy, but changes will not happen overnight. The rule on exception sites being the

only form of housing in villages such as this could change. A Bill will be produced in

December when we will know more.

Cllr Brandreth asked if there would be an opportunity for Parish Councils to have an

input to the replacement of the RDAs as these are supposed to be more localised

bodies. Cllr Saint was unable to answer this point as the Bill to do this modification

comes out in September when things will become clearer.

7. Questions and comments from the public

Mrs Cooper asked how the Parish Council felt about propelling a further survey for

social housing. The Chairman replied that further discussion and a vote would be

taken. Cllr Rudge was disappointed that more villagers had not attended the meeting.

The Clerk would put ‘The Public are welcome to attend’ at the bottom of future


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Mr Evans asked if the Parish Council had been asked to provide allotments in the

Parish. The Clerk replied she had been asked on three or four occasions. The

Chairman said that the Council does not have much control over any land and it would

be for a landowner to offer a suitable site.

8. State of the District Debate

Cllr Brandreth reported on an interesting meeting looking at what the District wanted

to do about informing people and getting people involved in areas of housing,

transport and the local economy. As the beginning of a process the meeting was good.

Cllr Gray said although there had been a good spread of people from across the

District, the meeting became somewhat focused on Stratford issues such as buses. This

had been a good starting point for the next meeting. It is hoped to take the concept

through to the Community Forums.

9. Cemetery

The gates have been installed at new entrance and the missing path edging has been


At the last meeting, Cllr Rudge had offered to contact Mr Didcote to discuss taking on

the grass cutting/maintenance contract. Mr Didcote agreed at the same cost per cut

for which he had quoted for. He has suggested that he now does 6 cuts for the

remainder of the year. He has done one strimming of the verges and ditches and there

will one more this year. The pathways and edges will be sprayed when there has been

some rain. It was agreed that he should be asked to trim the side hedges in the new

part, cut all other hedges, the 4 box bushes for a cost of £240. Mr Hall will advise on

what part of the new hedge should need cutting.

Councillors discussed opening the cemetery for burials. Cllr Rudge had tried to talk

with Peter McLean about the marking of the plots. As he appeared to be not at home,

it was agreed that she should liaise with him on his return.

Councillors discussed the cemetery charges in liaison with comparative charges. It was

unknown where the 2.5 times the cost for parishioners came from. Exclusive Rights

was discussed and Cllr Rudge will discuss this further with Mr McLean. It was agreed to

discuss the charges again at the September meeting. If any burials were required in

the interim, the existing charges would apply.

10. Flood Prevention/Road Repairs

Councillors were very happy with the works which have been completed at Redlands

Corner. Mr Foley is happy with the levels and the result. The Council noted their

thanks to Mr Foley. Cllr Rudge stated that Mr Foley knows more about the drainage of

the village than anyone else and it is important to get this down on paper. Discuss in


The Clerk reported on discussion with Jeff Morris. The fallen tree in the layby has

been removed by the Forestry Team, and that there is no provision for the layby to be

tidied. He suggests a village tidy-up day. The Clerk will ask if the fence could be

straightened. Cllr Ashford reported that there is another dead tree across the stream.

The Clerk will report this.

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The Clerk had told Mr Morris that some of the potholes had been filled and that some

of the pavements had been sealed. Mr Morris said that the pavement sealing team had

been far from satisfactory. He will visit the village in the next couple of weeks.

The A44 flashing 50 mph signs have been reported to the lighting team, and Mr Morris

will arrange the removal of the tree which is obscuring one of the signs.

Mr Morris is investigating the removal of and replacement request of the cherry tree at

the Red Lion verge. He is unsure whether permission was originally granted for its

planting on highways land. He will advise us as to whether another can be planted on

or near to the same site.

11. Playground Report – all appears satisfactory.

12. Approval of Expenditure

Cash account £ 170.75

BMM account £8934.56

Outstanding payments were £3,200 grant money for works at Redlands Conner. The

Clerk had spoken with Nigel Chetwynd regarding the repayment of this amount. Mr

Chetwynd said that this should have been paid to the previous contractor, DMC, who

did the smaller job with which we were not satisfied. It was agreed that the Clerk

would write to Mr Chetwynd, stating that the Parish Council had not directly employed

DMC and were not willing to pay for an unsatisfactory job.

The Clerk had not received a demand for payment for the Parish Election.

The following payments made before the end of the previous financial year were

approved: cheque 100562 £20 Petty Cash 27/1/2010

100563 £22.91 Pipex 29/1/2010

Proposed Cllr Gillett seconded Cllr Rudge.

The Clerk reported that the accounts are now with the External Auditor and that we

were one of the 5% required to send extra paperwork such as the Engagement letter

for the Internal Auditor, the Council’s overview of the efficiency of the Internal Audit

and the Internal Auditor’s written report. On the advice of Mr Cooper, Internal Auditor,

the Clerk had written to say that due to the small amount of the Parish Council

turnover, it had not seemed necessary to formalise matters to this extent. Councillors

should consider whether matters should be so formalised.

Cllr Rudge asked when the Annual Return was signed, as this should be done at a full

meeting of the Parish Council. The Chairman and Clerk were unsure when this had

been done.

The following payments were approved: Proposed Cllr Rudge, seconded

Cllr Brandreth.

Cheque 100618 Clerk Salary April – June £341.13

100619 Philip Cook Cem Maint £288.70

100620 Petty Cash £ 40.00

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Payment to Stratford District Council for the cost of the Parish Election, if invoiced,

will be held over for the next meeting in September.

13. Delegation of Areas of Responsibility to Councillors

Agreed as follows:

Maintenance of Village/footpaths Cllr Gillett

Planning Cllr Rudge

Playground & Website Cllr Moorman

Cemetery Cllr Ashford

Local Enterprise/WALC Cllr Brandreth

14. Correspondence

1. Invitation from Long Compton PC to attend meeting (by e-mail) – no-one attended

2. NALC – Proposed freeze on Council Tax. The freeze is likely to affect Town and

Parish Councils.

3. NALC – Ministers are currently considering whether the new requirement on local

authorities to publish any spending items over £500 should apply to Parish Councils.

The current level of spending transparency is already high, often with payments being

authorised publicly at Council meetings.

15. Planning Applications


Construction of single storey extension and

Insertion of 2 dormer windows at

4 Kitebrook Cottages SDC Approval


Additional use of Browns Barn for storage of

fodder & specialist animal feed

Additional to 06/00796/FUL previously approved.

Mr C Brown, Oakham Road

The latest application reads: Additional use of Browns Barn for storage of

fodder and specialist animal feed in addition to the uses previously

approved by planning permission 06/00796/FUL, and retailing of specialist

animal food in the existing nursery shop. Barn to be used for part B8

storage use and part agricultural use.

Cllr Rudge had spoken with the person dealing with the application and had

been informed that the application had been changed again. The shop

doesn’t have planning permission.

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The latest application is for Retrospective change of use of building to

nursery shop including the sale of specialist animal feed. Use of Browns

Barn (currently agricultural use) to include storage of specialist animal feed

for sale in the nursery shop.

The reason this had been turned down previously is that it is the policy of

the planning department is that farm shops or nursery shops should

predominantly sell produce which have been produced on the farm.

Cllr Rudge agreed to follow up and comment on this latest application.

16. Other Business

th nationally in terms of recycling of domestic waste. Free1.


The grit bins still need putting in agreed locations. Cllr Gillett will arrange2.

The Parish Council Broadband service is now with BT.3.

the overhanging lime trees along Langston Farm. The Clerk will report this to

Highways Department.

Cllr Ashford reported that some residents of Redlands Row are concerned about4.

contact Peter Green.

A large bush is hanging out of the hedge opposite Reed College. The Clerk will5.

to find out what powers the Parish Council has.

Dog Fouling has been reported again. The Clerk is in contact with Streetscene6.

Social housing to be discussed at the next meeting.7.

the Parish notice board in addition to the website.

The Parish Council meeting minutes will be displayed in the village hall and on8.

The Clerk will ask for the following to be done:

the verge from the cemetery entrance up to the field above entrance

up to the de-restriction sign on Oakham Road

alongside and around Redlands Row including the centre piece

between Langston Terrace and Chapel Cottage

Round the bottom of Wray House

Washbrook House/main road verge

The meeting closed at 9.30pm