Monday 20 July 2009


Present: Cllrs Cox, Gillett, Gorst and Moorman, Warwickshire CC Cllr Saint and Stratford DC Cllr Gray

Parish Clerk Susan Cox, and 6 members of the public.


1. Declarations of Interest – There were none.


2. Apologies for absence – There were none.


3. Minutes of the meeting held on 18 May 2009

Minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2009, held to agree the annual accounts.

The minutes of both these meetings were agreed to be a correct record, by Councillor Gorst, seconded Councillor Moorman.

4. Matters Arising from the minutes


1. Social Housing – a meeting with Neil Giniver and Phil Ward has been arranged for Wednesday evening, 22 July, to identify any possible sites.

2. Land outside Jordans Orchard – suggestion that the ground is built up with earth from the new cemetery entrance, levelled and re- seeded. This would then be included in the county mowing contract.


3. Lampposts on A44 – These are for illuminated Slow Down 50mph signs.


4. Tidy the Village Day – this had been postponed due to inclement weather, though some villagers had tidied their around their own areas. Another Tidy Day will be held in the Autumn, and will include a Cemetery tidy.


5. Date of next meeting – Monday 21 September 2009


6. Questions and comments from the public


Mrs Fitch asked about the grass cutting alongside Langston Terrace and whether this was on the cutting rota. There had been some recent flooding in this area. Highways department are coming to jet this culvert, raise the tarmac level along Redlands Row, and somehow divert the flood waters along Langston Terrace.


The Clerk will talk with Jeff Morris, Highways Department, regarding this area.

Mr Bamford re-iterated that this area needs some attention.

page 371

Mr Brandreth reported that the Japanese Knotweed at Wray House is spreading. The Clerk had reported this to Environmental Health, but had no responses had been received. Cllr Saint suggested reporting this to Highways Department, and that sometimes DEFRA should be contacted. The Clerk will contact Mr Barrington, the owner, to make sure he is aware of the problem.


Mr Fitch asked if copies of the Emergency Plan could be made available. This had been recently updated. The Clerk will make sure a copy is on display in the village hall and the church.



7. Cemetery Entrance

Mr Kevin Perkins will be starting the works within the next few weeks.


8. Flooding Prevention/Road Repairs

Redlands Corner improvements is still with the Area Committee, Cllr Saint will follow this up.

Nigel Chetwynd is still to contact Mr & Mrs McKerron regarding the ditch from Washbrook House to the A44. Jeff Morris will chase this.

The road level of Drivers Lane may have to raised, subject to what improvements are done at Redlands Row/Langston Terrace.

Potholes are to be filled in Barton Lane.

Slurry sealing of the pathways will be carried out in 2010.


9. Playground report

Jeremy Evans, our Tree Warden, together with the County Arborealist, had inspected the tree which was giving concern and another along the village road which may have some problems. The Clerk had written to Peter Green at RBS, asking that he contact Mr Evans to discuss action on these trees.

No other problems.


10. Approval of expenditure

Ch100537 WALC Fee £ 83.00 paid

100538 Allianz Insurance £691.19 paid

100539 SDC Business Rates £ 84.17 paid

100540 D Didcote £452.00 paid

100541 Petty Cash £ 60.00 paid

100542 Pipex £ 22.43 paid

100543 Shaw & Son £171.86 paid

For Burial Book

100544 Village Hall £ 60.00 paid

This had been paid to PC in error, by SDC

100545 Warwickshire CC £ 75.00 paid

For cemetery entrance works

100546 Pipex £ 22.43 paid


page 372

100547 D Didcote £575.00

100548 S Cox Salary £337.77

All payments proposed Cllr Moorman, seconded Cllr Gillett and agreed.



11 Correspondence *previously circulated

* Clerks & Councils Direct Issue 64

* WALC Newsletter

Village SOS – agreed not to participate

VASA Survey – Councillors to complete online

Community Forum – 18 August Long Compton

NALC Local Council Awards


12 Other Business

1. Establishment of a Parish and Town Area Committee.

A Meeting, organised by WALC on 7 July was attended by the Parish Clerk and Cllr Cox. It is hoped to set up a body, representing the 38 villages and towns south of Stratford which will give more voice to local issues.


2. Mr Reed had asked for a sign, which he will provide, to be placed in the cemetery extension saying ‘Land donated by Reed Business School‘. Councillors agreed to the sign, preferably A4, black on white.


3. The Clerk requested the option to carry our internet banking. This was agreed.


4. Cllr Moorman apologised that the website had some problems and that some information was out of date.


5. Mr Bamford reported that approximately 6 overgrown poplars on his land are due to be pollarded.


6. Cllr Saint reported that emergency planning was coming into place to set up centres for obtaining prescribed Tamiflu for the current Swine Flu outbreak. These centres may include the use of libraries.


7. Cllr Saint address a publication: The West Midlands Region Spatial Strategy Options Consolation. The closing date is 14 August. This looks at planning policy, issues of housing numbers etc in relation to rural services, in addition to travellers sites, culture sports and

tourism, minerals policy and other areas of planning.

The Clerk will locate a copy and pass to the Chairman.



page 373


13. Resolution to exclude the Public under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, proposed by Cllr Gillett, seconded Cllr Gorst.


14. Co-option of Councillor

Three applications had been received, Mrs Jenny Rudge, Mr Wayne Ashford and Mr Peter Brandreth.

The Council voted and agreed to co-opt Mr Peter Brandreth to fill the Councillor vacancy.


(The clerk enquired if permission would be granted to co-opt more than one councillor. A very good case would need to be made, and only in exceptional circumstances would this be permitted, and the application would need to go before the full Council.)



The meeting closed at 8.11 pm